Taking responsibility for your finances

Credit Control/Debt Recovery

A landlord or Residents’ Management Company (RMC) can only meet their obligations to provide the services specified in the lease if they have an adequate cash flow. This depends on leaseholders meeting their service charge liabilities in a timely fashion.

If your block experiences stubbornly high levels of arrears, our sister company Allsquare Legal Limited (Allsquare) can help you. They have years of experience in debt recovery generally, and specific detailed knowledge of property debt/arrears, whether of service charges or Ground Rents. The reason the Qdime Group established a firm of solicitors to service the legal needs of the group’s three property management businesses, is because slow payers take more notice when they receive a letter from a firm of solicitors.

Regulated by the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority, Allsquare know how to deal with leaseholders. They take a firm and proactive approach, but are mindful to be courteous at all times. Neighbours still have to live together, so while the arrears need to be collected, they hope to maintain good neighbourly relations.

By using a firm of solicitors early on in the credit control process, where there is a need to escalate a case to the courts, this can be done seamlessly and quickly.

Allsquare Legal Limited can be contacted on 01628 200 215, or at mail@allsquarelaw.com.

Allsquare is part of the Qdime Group.